Chris Evans has proved himself even more eligible than we’d originally suspected. The Hollywood star, among others, has come out in support of Keaton Jones, a boy from Tennessee, who has gone viral in a video which depicts the youngster crying over bullies, in his mum’s car.

Kimberely Jones picked him up from school when he was too scared to go to lunch. The video has since been shared over 22 million times, and has had caught the attention of a number of high-profile actors and singers.

Chris Evans invited Keaton to the premier of his new film:

While Snoop Dogg invited him to hit up his DMs:

Other stars showing the love were Demi Lovato and Katy Perry. A GoFundMe page, which aimed to raised $20,000 for his family, has already surpassed $50,000.

Let’s all give those bullies a big round of applause, they just got this little guy some DOLLAR. How’s that for karma?