WOW. I mean, if you’re looking for you’re WTF story of the week (potentially year/decade), then please don’t go anywhere. Apparently it was big news back in 2015 when Gayle Newland adopted a male online persona to seduce a fellow student at Chester University – where she studied creative writing. (We must’ve been so stoned we missed that one). Anyway! Now she’s finally been sentenced, but here’s what ha-happened…

Gayle pretended to be a half-Filipino half-Latino man called Kye Fortune, using an American man’s photographs and videos, and used Facebook to initially get in touch with the victim (name withheld). Kye strung the victim along for year, making up excuses to avoid meeting in contact (the usual lies: I’ve got a brain tumour, I’m in hospital, etc.), before telling her that he had a friend Gayle (Newland) at the University.

Gayle THEN befriended her as a woman so that she would confide in her about Kye! THE SORCERY OF THIS  WITCH! The pair cyber-dated for two years, before they eventually met in person. But wait, here’s where it gets real juicy…

Kye claimed he/she was recovering from a brain tumour and did not want the victim – also in her 20s – to see her him, and convinced her to be blindfolded the entire time during their meetings; sunbathings, car rides, and “watching” TV. SORRY, BUT CAN YOU EVEN?! Having Game Of Thrones on the telly and you’ve gotta figure out the plot only from the sound?!

The victim apparently spent over 100 hours blindfolded with her seducer. Newland then persuaded her into sex, at least 10 times, where she used a prosthetic penis to penetrate her. I MEAN… Could she really not tell the difference between a dick and a dildo? The jury were asked to take the giant pink penis into the deliberation room to assess it further. (BIBLE).

It wasn’t until the last time they had sex that the student whipped her blindfold off, and saw Newland with strap-on luring over her. I literally cannot.

Newland came up with crazy defense that they were actually in a secret lesbian love affair, and then when she told the student she was coming out, the student started making accusations — despite emails confirming she’d lied, and evidence of Newland pretending to be male with three other women. STOP REACHING.

Anyways, now Newland has been sentenced to six and half years jail time. Bloody nutter, mate.