We’re hating the fact that Christmas is even part of our vocabulary at this time of year, next thing you know we’ll be preparing three years in advance. But anyway, speaking of preparation – don’t you just throw the tinsel over the banister, put the star on the tree and just think to yourself: It’s just not slutty enough? 

ERM, like every year dolls! ALL HAIL bouji stationary brand Paperchase who have just released snaps of their eggplant bauble. So now the Christian holiday season can have you fantasizing about sucking cock every time you look at the tree. All we need now is a bondage teddy bear to put on the top. Well, an ordinary fairy isn’t quite gay enough.

They also do an array of other glittery foods, but you wouldn’t hang a burger off your tree during the festive period, would you? Ugh, tacky much.