Rihanna has come under fire for sharing snaps of the Queen superimposed onto her body, wearing her casual slutty chic outfits. But, it wasn’t Rihanna who compiled the images. In fact, apparently the bad gyal jacked the images from Creative Designer Freddie Smithson, and didn’t even give him so much as a credit. SHADY.

And now, angry Brits are calling RiRi a “stupid little girl” for being “disrespectful” to Elizabeth II. Well, that sounds like karma to us… One enraged user wrote:

‘Its rude you know. This is not funny. She’s someone’s grandma. Imagine if its yours… Maybe research her life before you take the piss, she had no choice to become the monarch, she’s not even entitled to have individual opinions or be an individual or even her own birth name!’ 

Woah. Somebody get this chick a valium. And a dick! Y’all take the monarchy far too seriously! I bet even the queen pissed her pad a little when she saw them.

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