Recently I told my family that I wanted to get a sex change and become a girl. I have lived with this very strong feeling for many years but, every time I talk about it, I am faced with opposition.

My mother says that I’m only saying it to upset her, or if I go through with it I’m being selfish and only thinking about what I want.

A few months ago when I brought up the subject, my mother flew into a rage and demanded that I put on one of her dresses before she locked me out of the house, saying this would “cure my obsession”. It actually had the opposite effect and only made me more determined to be who I am.

Maybe I am being selfish for wanting to change sex, but it’s all I want to do. If I can’t become a woman, then I don’t think there is any point in living. Please help me to convince her that this is what I really want, and I’m not doing this to hurt anyone, it’s just the way I feel.


Firstly, I am so sorry that your family have reacted in this way. And if you don’t mind me saying so – your mother is a Grade-A bitch that obviously wears flats and can’t bare the thought of being upstaged by a fabulous daughter. That aside, family, and mothers especially, should be there to support you no matter who you are, so I can imagine this is extremely difficult for you.

The fact that the Queen of Sheeba believes you’re only doing this to “upset her”, proves that she’s the only one here being selfish. She’s also clearly as smart as shoe horn, as firstly she thinks this is an “obsession”, but also if you really wanted to upset the bitch you’d just set fire to her 80s perm, or show her a photo of what good taste looks like.

For the Ice Queen to force you to wear what I can only assume is a shapeless roll-neck sack from the Red Cross, must have been truly traumatic. BUT, the fact that you remained determined demonstrated that, not only is this not a phase, but that you are in fact a truly strong young woman. Remember that your wishes aren’t selfish by any means, and being born into the wrong body is certainly not your fault. Your mother’s decision not to support a child when they’re clearly extremely unhappy, however, is her fault. I’m sure you still love the cunt, ’cause she’s your mum and that – but I wonder if you have any close friends that you can confide in?

Sometimes these situations are best left at bay until you’re old enough to move out and do whatever the F you want. Alternatively, I would speak to your GP who can perhaps recommend a counsellor to get you through the tough times. In the meantime, go SHOPPING. Buy all the dresses, bags, shoes and make-up you can afford and start living in your new skin – even if it’s secret. ‘Cause when you get out of this damn prison, you’re gonna wanna werk, mama!

Stay strong babygirl,