Last week’s X Factor saw Freddy Parker kicked off the show, but pre-gig post on Saturday proves he’s still got plenty of adorning fans. The singer was all set to perform at London’s G-A-Y over the weekend, and posted a video of himself lounging onto his hotel bed, igniting a stampede of thirst in the comments section. HMM, stampede? Perhaps that should be a waterfall, as these bitches need to COOL DOWN.

Some people seemed confused by the male anatomy, “is it just me or does he have a boner?” No babe, it’s definitely just you.

While others opted for the art of subtlety, “I love Freddys big balls xoxoxo”.

But some remained sceptic: “It’s amazing what a sock can do :-)”

HMM, we’re gonna need to see more before we can decide… Freddy – your move.