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American Horror Story returns this autumn and while last year the hype was overboard, it seems Ryan Murphy is keeping shit on the down low this time around. In fact, the only thing we know for certain is that Cheyenne Jackson will be returning to our screens – and hopefully with plenty more nude scenes. And like clockwork, theorists are attempting to guess this season’s theme. Here’s a few of the possibilities…


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And no this isn’t referring to your nearest bathhouse; although on a level that’s definitely scarier than anything since Asylum. Set on a haunted cruise liner, rumours suggest that once you step aboard the boat, you don’t ever leave – at least not alive. While guests would have to content with the creatures that inhabit it, it would also be a fight against nature with sea storms wreaking havoc. Bring back Pepper and make her the captain’s skivvy.


Set in the past, AHS would explore a different time period altogether. We’d visualise Game of Thrones – only darker. That means incest, violence and betrayal, sounds right up Ryan Murphy’s street. Evan Peters would play the stable boy planning to revolt against the rule of



This is our hotly tipped favourite, as there’s just so much scope for creativity. Gaga could have those horns implemented in her face again. Featuring a crossover with Coven where we see previous cast members thrown into portals of their own personal hell.



This is a little more far-fetched but you know with Ryan Murphy that anything is possible, although we hope that if they were to do an ‘end of the world’ season, they’d save it for last. Set it a futuristic metropolis, Apocalypse would border on the sci-fi genre,¬†and with Zachary Quinto written all over it.



There’s a big suspicion that this year Murphy will move the concept outdoors, and where’s creepier than an old village, that is like any other village. Controlled by the government and conducting horrific social experiments on those who live there (welcome back the doctor from Asylum). It’d be like Lost meets Hunger Games… Intrigued? Similar theme theories include Woodland and Camp (see below).


Based loosely on a Murder on the Orient Express, we can really see Kathy Bates taking on the role of the train driver, with Neil Patrick Harris that welcomes passengers aboard the railway of death.


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This one circulated around last year, and it’s rumoured to at least be an option in the future. The vampiric kids from the Hotel come back to cause some menace, but the orphanage also possesses a poltergeist (expect plenty of jumpy paranormal activity). It’s also possible that this is where the future characters began at children.

Bonus: CAMP


We heard the word camp thrown around too. Whether that’s a campsite where the campers are fleeing from whatever or whoever it is that lives in the woods, or a mind-fucking Prisoner of War camp, who knows… Then again it might just be that Emma Roberts is back.

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