What does it say about the world we live in where 20-something white boys want to look like Kardashians? James Holt is the second male to hit headlines for reportedly spending thousands of pounds to look like Kim K. I say “reportedly”, because in these pics it looks like he’s injecting his lips himself. We wanna see receipts, boo! Note to surgery lovers: DYI cosmetics are not the way to go. God knows where a 22 year-old gets £21,000 to spend on fillers. When I was 21, I could barely afford a ten pack of Marlboro Lights.



Now he’s on a liquid diet because he can’t eat. Well, ‘spose every cloud has a silver lining, but that’s not a diet we’re willing to try any time soon. But, if you wanna be a Kardashian, start with a new beautician because whoever is doing them eyebrows, secretly hates you.

James says, “When I get my lips done it initially makes me feel amazing, but after a few weeks it goes down. So I book an appointment to get more. There’s so much more I want to do. I want to look really plastic and fake.” Oh honey, we all wanna look plastic and fake, but there’s a line. That line is called Lesley Ash. There’s a difference between blowjob lips, and blowfish lips.

Check out the before snaps, anyone else getting a young Kylie Jenner vibe?


He’s even talking about having ribs removed to get the Kardashian hour-glass figure. I feel like that always sounds like a good idea in theory, but then you come out the operating theatre looking like a piece from a jigsaw puzzle.

But more, importantly, how wide are his genitals?!


It goes without saying that the selfie culture and pursuit for fame isn’t helping body dysmorphia.