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Last year, the internet went crazy over the whole ‘bro-job’ situation, where apparently straight guys suck each other off, in a TOTALLY not gay way. Well, now a new survey that addresses the sexual behaviour of US men reveals that perhaps more ‘straight’ men are having sexual relations with other men, that you’d originally believe.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) interviewed over 9,000 lads – and women – between 18 and 45, and the years 2011 and 2013, quizzing the participants on their sexual exploits. While 95.1% of the men identified as heterosexual or straight, 6.2% said they’d had oral or anal sex with another man.

As 1.9% identified as gay, and 2% as bisexual (while 1% said they ‘dont know’ or refused to answer), that means that 1.3% of ‘straight-identifying’ men have had a gay experience. Hmm, hardly ground-breaking. Watch everybody getting their knickers in a twist, because there were a few experimental guys in the survey. Is this really a huge deal? Did none of y’all know that people experiment when they’re younger before settling on a sexuality they identify with?

*Eye roll*

We reckon it usually starts with a harmless nude fire dance…