Our temperament for the characters of The Only Way Is Essex may go up and down like girl’s knickers, but if there was one cast member we always loved, it’s Nanny Pat. It was terribly sad news to hear that she passed away today, and our thoughts are with the Wright family – but cheers to Nanny Pat and her sausage plait, by reliving her best moments…

  1. Her entrance…


“Alwight Mark, brought ya a sausage plait…”

2. That time she was ACTUALLY the Queen of Essex


Now sissy that walk!

3. Or when she was the worked the best pumpkin outfit anyone had seen…


4. Or when even though everyone had spent hours on their outfit, still stole the focus as this skeleton:


5. Or when nobody could actually even with this crab/lobster ensemble… 


6. Or when everyone she made sure she was the centre of attention at Christmas… 


7. The time she wore this legendary swimming cap

8. Or when Jess took her on a tandem bike and she look like she feared for life


9. Or when they took her bowling and she killed the game 


“Straight outta Compton” #ThugLife

10. That time her Sunday best reminded everyone of their own nan


11. Any how can we forget the notes she belted out on the TOWIE Christmas single