Four blokes from Michigan are facing sex felony charges, for having relations with a 15-year-old sket. But no, it wasn’t a gangbang that took place, it was four separate occasions. As of yet, we don’t the full details of the story, like if they knew the boy’s real age or not. But seen as the minimum age for Grindr is 18, we doubt he offered up that information. Although, perhaps they could’ve told by the fact his balls hadn’t dropped and he was wearing Spongebob underwear. The incidents were reported by a family member. Erm, where was this family member and their moral high ground while they’re teeny-bopper relative was linking up with strange men for random sex?

I’m not saying that the men are blame-free, but it can be a very grey line. Especially when the “victim” was actively seeking a bumming. And doesn’t the fact that he lied about his age (agreeing to the disclaimer when signing up for the app) count for anything? We’ve all been 15, and we all know what it’s like to be a little shit in the midst of a sexual awakening. But can we take into the account that this was four separate occasions, so quite clearly this lad was a randy little bugger. I reckon he was all out for the dick and somehow this family member has got their nose all up in the underage hoe’s business and he’s told them that he was preyed upon because he doesn’t want Aunt Lilly knowing that he’s Michigan’s next serial slag.

Two of the men are being held on $500,000 bail. Like, seriously?! It’s not like the targeted the boy in a chat room (shout out to 90s kids who remember what they are) and groomed him for sex. The boy was using a hookup app. And like you’re gonna be asking people for ID and shit. So, the kid drops to his knees and starts tugging you off, and you’ve gotta be like hold on there, sonny Jim… Do you have a driving license or passport I could get a quick glance over?

[H/T: Queerty]