We like Harry Judd. We’re not sure why, but there’s definitely some sort of appeal there. Especially when he’s got no clothes on. Funny that. His latest spread (lol, ‘spread’) was for Attitude’s aTeen Magazine. As you can see the popstar is looking really well:


In the interview he admits his wild days are “as good as over”. See what marriage does to you, kids! It makes you fucking boring! He informs that he’s quit both drinking and smoking. Just stays in with the missus and get completely leathered on coke, could you imagine. He’s saying the wildest thing he’s done this tour was playing golf – I mean McFlustered are hardly rock’n’roll anyway, but this should have just been a picture special.


And can we just take a moment to talk about some of those cover stories? Sounds like aTeen having been getting their stories from Love It! with all that real-life horror… Ain’t nobody wanna hear bout that. Like, raise your hand (singular) if coming out with one hand was easy for you too? Totes relatable.