Trainwreck is the latest boisterous comedy hit our screens this summer. It’s got the ‘unlucky-in-love’ angle of Bridget Jones, but the uncensored humour of Bridesmaids. Just how we like it! Amy Schumer is the ‘average girl with boy banter’ protagonist (obviously; well it was either gonna be her or Melissa McCartney), that works for a lads rag and after plenty of disasterous dates under her belt, finds herself sleeping with the guy she’s supposed to be interviewing. Uh-oh. God, she sounds like a gay man. Only we wouldn’t get the guy in the end.

Check out the trailer, and see what y’all think:

And feel free to shoot us for saying, but we’re loving the Lady Sovereign track.

And that hot guy jizzing over the thought of himself – aside from every muscle Mary you meet at WE Party – is Smackdown wrestler John Cena:


GIF Credit: NewNowNext