ATTENTION Tinder users! Loving the free dating app? Don’t get too used to it. The popular matching service are soon set to charge for un-swipes. Sure, that’s not such a biggie. If hoes get too thirsty, just report a bitch. But, rumours are amidst that there may soon be a limit to the number of right swipes you can do. Scenario: You presented with a gorgeous European. Dark brown eyes, loves to travel, and can spell. But you’ve used all your right swipes. The One is right in front of you, and you’re being charged to talk to him. Don’t take the piss Tinder.

Tindr is the most addictive ‘game’ to come to App Store since Angry Birds, what are we gonna do now that we’ve quit Grindr cold turkey? *rolls eyes* Other features set to change, is the Passport service, where like Hornet, users can search for matches in areas other than their own. According to The Independant, the service will go online with the (paid) Tindr Plus service at the end of march. Would you pay £4.65 (as suggested by a leak) per month for the service?