Masters of horror Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are creating a new comedy-horror series called Scream Queens which will air on Fox. Along the same lines American Horror Story the first season will be set on a college campus, and each subsequent series will start over.

Call us stupid, but why not just do a ‘Slasher’ season on AHS? Well, maybe it’s a sub-genre that requires it’s own series altogether – we (obviously) have no idea what Murphy has up his sleeve, so perhaps there’s good reason to keep this separate. We’re also quite curious as to just how much of the recipe will be comedy… Don’t fuck it up with some Shaun Of The Dead style bullshit, babe. It’s probably the best horror genre (couldn’t tell I grew up in the 90s, right?), so he should do it justice!

Anyway, he’s recruited AHS fave Emma Roberts (YAS!) and queen of horror Jamie Lee Curtis to star. No doubt he’ll have some faces from his other shows – picture Lea Michelle as the babysitter. Or Julian McMahon as a serial killer. I think the cast should be a mix of fresh talent and old school legends (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neve Campbell, etc). Now THAT would be a show worth watching…

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