BY Anthony Gilet

Cold. Single. Bitter. We’re gonna assume these are just some of the reason’s why Attitude have decided to release their Sex Issue in the middle of winter. And though some of Stereo Kicks are barely even legal, some of them most definitely are; enter Barclay Beales! We have no idea which one he is, because obviously eight names is just too much to remember, we can barely remember the names of the guys we actually fuck, let alone dream of fucking. They need nicknames, like the The Spice Girls of the Seven Dwarfs. For now, he can be Gay4Pay, or Gay4Publicity.

The X Factor contestant flaunted his Y fronts, (and toned physique) in THIS seductive pose:


Gracing the cover is Chris Mears and Team GB in their work uniforms:


You can get the mag on December 10th. Or NOW on your iPad/tablet.

[H/T: Attitude]