There’s are certain things in life that should never mix. Like former alcoholics and free bars. Or random girls and chill outs. Or unattractive people and skimpy clothing. Family and Grindr. Yes… you heard that right…


We’d have loved to have seen this one’s face when Dane (Wales) replied with this! But can we just take a minute to look at the timing of this? The brother has 17 minutes to give head… minus five minutes (minimum) journey/travel time. That’s 12 minutes? TWELVE minutes. You can’t fucking suck dry a slush puppy in a dozen minutes, let alone a man. Now if that ain’t the biggest attempt at a half-arsed blowjob since Tulisa’s sex tape, we don’t know what is…

And we bet the guy that wanted to get into Fernando’s (London) pants wasn’t expecting this…


Can you imagine? One minute sitting there holding his stiffy, waiting for Fernando’s cock next to a diet coke can or a TV remote and he gets little old Betty in her rocking chair. We love Betty, and think she should have her own Grindr profile where she uses the pretence of a blank profile to lure guys in, say tremendously inappropriate things to them and then reveal her OAP status! It would be like Punk’d… Only funny.

Any more laughable Grindr chats? Give them to us!

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