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Burger King is another international brand that is now in support of gay Pride. Their latest burger – the Proud Whopper – comes presented in rainbow wrapper that reads ‘We are all the same inside’. How frickin’ cute! And not to mention, genius. We love that Burger King has got behind the equality movement, and will be distributing the burger at their San Francisco branch that was centred where their Pride parade was held.

During the parade they sold the Proud Whopper and also handed out rainbow crowns. There’s no difference from the original Whopper to the taste of the burger, but that’s the point, right? Sexuality is just a wrapper? Loves it. They may taste the same – but we want one! Petition to sell them in BK London, please. On Wednesday they released the video (below) which shows people’s reactions to the new product…

Watch the video here:


Many brands put their name to gay rights, but it can often be done half-arsed and just to gain more homosexual customers/clientele. Burger King’s campaign shows that they understand and can appreciate what gay people campaign for and can see that things still need to be done. Good for them! And us!