Sink The Pink at Bestival

WORDS: Anthony Gilét

Last week saw Sink The Pink’s Summer Ball take over The Troxy, and despite being one of the best events (if not the best event) of the year so far – there’s a reason why it’s popularity runs deeper than dressing up and disco delights…

People underestimate the power of man drag. And I’m not just referring to the Conchita-fad whereby an individual is socially accepted despite clearly being a cross dresser.

‘Man-drag’; a male individual dressed in women’s clothes that hasn’t attempted to disguise the factors of his appearance that clearly give away his real gender; i.e. facial hair. 

Man-drag allows gay men to get in touch with their feminine side while retaining their masculinity. The fact that guys wear dresses without trying to look like women demonstrates how comfortable they can be in their own skin, because they’re not afraid to embrace the camper fun of being gay and bending genders.


That’s not to say that every man should be clacking around soho on the weekend with a five o’clock shadow in knee high boots. But I think the occasional celebration of sexuality and non-conformity is healthy and fun.

Sink The Pink, although having been around the scene for a while now, is the up-and-coming place to party for the less shallow/vain gay men. Any “clique” of gays are welcomed with open arms (and a shower of confetti) and nobody is crucified for not going to the gym six times a week.

Nobody is trying to be the muscliest, butchest bitch in the room because they’re all too busy drowsing each other in glitter and skanking out to the Vengaboys. And while perceptions may suggest otherwise; it’s great place to meet guys. Not everyone wears drag and lots of fit lads go for the friendly atmosphere and guilty pleasure pop tunes.

So perhaps it’s time to sink the fascade of trying to be someone we’re not and putting our backs out of joint for validation from other people. After all, how twisted is it that many of us force ourselves to the gym on the days when we just need a few hours extra sleep – just because we want to impress some random hoe we’re not gonna see after the morning after? Or that refuse to put a wig on in front of our boyfriend because we’re worried that he’ll no longer find us attractive?
Everyone’s happy to celebrate Pride, despite the fact they seriously lack it. And especially in a day and age where our most recent parade’s theme was ‘Freedom To…’ and deep down we still don’t feel the freedom to be ourselves. Of course, I’m not referring to all gay men – but the pressure to look or act a certain way in front of other people, despite making ourselves unhappy in the process, is something that continues.

Sink The Pink praises sexuality and enjoying yourself – rather than surrounding yourself with an energy that’s sexually charged and shallow. Which is maybe why it’s become so popular. Some guys have had it right all along, others are only just converted. But either way, whether you love cheesy pop and ratchet weaves or would much rather submerge yourself into a sea of toned Adonis’s – faking a front is not the basis for a healthy relationship – with others… Or yourself.

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