It’s a question as old as “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” but “is my manhood big enough?” is one that’s much more pondered over in today’s society. And even those men that are sporting a generous package begin biting their lip when they hear that their partner’s ex was Brazilian. It’s not really an issue that is as openly discussed as the weather. Well, until Patrick Moote’s one little thing, became one big problem.

A couple years back at a basket ball game, he dropped to one knee on the big screen, with thousands of people watching to propose to his girlfriend.
“Are you serious?” she asked.
And once realising he was, she burst into tears and ran from the stadium. Within days over 10million people had watched the incident online. And when she later listed the reasons of why she’d rejected the proposal, yep – you guessed it, not packing a big enough pecker was one of them. But just at breaking point of humiliation, Moote came back swinging (not between his legs, obviously) and decided to explore his options while filming a “cockumentary” about it.

Throughout UnHung Hero, he spoke to some of his exes, before having it measured by a urologist, where it was concluded at the lower end of average. But what’s average? Well, according to the medical opinions on this piece, 4in – 6in when hard. Really? So, how small was enough to publicly humiliate the man that loved you? 4.5in. After exploring the options of penis pumps, enlarging pills and finally surgery (perhaps less desired aesthetics), he decided the best thing he could do was accept it. And hopefully meet a nice woman with a smaller vagina to settle down with.

When it comes to size, men-only relationships can sometimes be worse (size queens and
homo-shallowness), but they can sometimes be better (the ‘we’re all blokes’ type). At the end of the day, we’ve all been given what we’ve got, so wasting time worrying about it isn’t doing any good. There’s not loads of guys that would turn down an extra inch, or a bit more girth, bigger balls or a little less foreskin, but it’s all relative. The things you consider a ‘pretty dick’ are someone else’s knob nightmare. You might as well focus more on how to get your man gushing like Niagra falls than if the guys in the locker room are having a cheeky look (they are, whether you’re worrying about it or not).

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