Sooo… Lily is back! I actually thought she done with music for good. Firstly, Lily resorts back to what she does so well – comedy. It always reflected in the lyrics of her earlier songs and the opening skit of this video is done well too (taking another jibe at the shallow expectations of the celebrity world). The song itself gets about three seconds in and I’m already living – she has really nailed this song.

Staying true to her usual sharp tongue, the latest single isn’t short of “swearing”, (what Lily Allen song would be?), but she’s taken on a completely new sound and it suits her. In the light-hearted video, the industry attempts to teach Lily how to twerk and suck off a banana – genius. And THOSE ballons spelling out ‘Lily Allen Has A Baggy Pussy’ had me howling. I really don’t have much more to say another than, I think she’s my new favourite pop star. She was able to make a point about our culture without preaching and she did it with banging track! Yes. She gave me everything and more.
*Puts song on repeat*