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Can we just take a moment to discuss last nights Revenge please? Well, as I previously predicted there was just a little too much sexual tension going on between Nolan and Patrick for it to have been imagined. The openly “bi-sexual” computer hacker laid the moves on the Hampton’s hottest import on Sunday night’s episode. Was it expected? Yes. But were we still totally enthralled? Yes. The two met again at the pool club, before sharing a steamy kiss at Nolan’s house…

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Patrick initially rejects his advances, before accepting them two minutes later (maybe the shot of G just kicked in). We’ve all had no moments where we’re like “no, I’m a good boy…”, then two seconds later think, ‘meh, I’m a whore so what?’

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And there’s nothing like a little gay drama/affair to spice even the most exciting of TV shows. The writer’s have been clever because they no ain’t any gays gonna let this TV moment go unwatched so expect their ratings to sky-rocket. Still, the kiss does make me miss that sexual chemistry when you have an initial spark with someone. Then that first kiss just gets your giddy like a girl scout on poppers. Ahh, nostalgia.

Watch both scenes below:


Exciting twist? Or tired excuse?

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