Last night American Horror Story from Ryan Murphy returned to FX for it’s third season – after month’s of online teasers – to an audience of 5.5 million viewers; that’s just less than double from season two’s finale and up 40% from it’s opener. It was only beaten by Modern Family, which considering the size of their following, is pretty damn good. I definitely don’t believe that AHS is done justice in the UK. It gets shoved onto a lesser watched channel while ridiculous programs like Most Haunted are more publicised.

Season Opener: (BEWARE SPOILERS!)

Even within the first few minutes you could tell that Murphy is going dark this series, which is just how viewers like it. I think the more he writes, the better he sculps his craft. Murder House was a bit messy in places while Asylum was better structured and more gripping – and I think he’s set to outdo himself this time around. The concept of witch craft will give them scope to really play around with special effects – and you know from his past stuff that he’s got one creative mind!

We’ve already seen scenes of rape, torture, and death and it’s only episode one. I first thought that Zoe and Kyle were going to be lovers again which would make it tiresome (after Season one), but perhaps this is the life they met in before Murder House; which would be a cool idea.

I have to admit that I was expecting more from Madison’s revenge on the frat boys that raped her, but just as I was marignally let down, in swoops Zoe with something even darker! But what exactly is her power? Killer vadge? “Damn, she’s got a pussy to die for,” will never sound the same again. Not that anyone says that anyway. Or perhaps she’s a Supreme? It was a great premier and Jessica Lange was on point as Fiona Goode with her sharp one liners. Who doesn’t love a quick-witted, narcissistic cokehead?

It’s been WAY too long – welcome back!!