Oh look, on all fours – just like a dog.

After seeing her tea-bag titties and tacky blowjob skills in night-vision, we weren’t quite sure it was possible to see Paris Hilton in an uglier light. But low and behold…
It was reported earlier this week that the socialite and camera whore had been making ridiculous gay slurs while in the back of a taxi. I used to love Paris Hilton, The Simple Life – gave me life, mmmmkerrr. But these comments just go to show how low her IQ is. Firstly, if you’re gonna be a gargantuous ‘celebrity’ and wanna go slagging off three quarters of your fan base – don’t do it to a stranger.

And while Hilton may think that throw away comments like this are harmless, it’s views like this that perpetuate the epidemic that is HIV. If people worldwide were well-educated on the subject, it would be something more people would talk about – and in turn, more people would get tested, more people would be treated and more people would disclose their status to potential partners. It’s not making life easier for anyone – although I’m sure as an open AIDs-hater, she knows that. And regardless of being uneducated, you can’t brand everyone with the same brush. Not ALL gay men have HIV, and I would go as far to say that hardly any have AIDs. After watching her sex tape, we could brand all thin, blonde women “loose, thick, immature, desperate and useless”, but we know that by looking at Blake Lively, that that shit ain’t true.

After branding gay men ‘disgusting’ – its a wonder she picked one as her ‘BFF’ on her less-than-entertaining reality show. You wanna know why? VIEWERSHIP. RATINGS. MONEY. Everyone knows the gay community are the loyal ones. You get the homos behind you and you WILL do well. Lady Gaga, Britney, Beyoncé, the list is endless. If you’re a gay icon, you’re set. Obviously, Paris Hilton thinks that most men have AIDs and ergo is too stupid to realise this herself, so was told by a producer/exec to pick a gay winner. Then he ditched her because he found out what airhead the heiress  is.

I suggest we just unfollow her on Twitter, ’cause if that’s the shit that comes out of her mouth (we’ve already seen what she puts in), I know that I don’t wanna listen. And it’s safe to say, that the only ‘disgusting’ one in this incident is you, PARIS HILTON.



Oh and FYI, in the entirety of here “career”, I’ve never once seen a picture of this woman when she doesn’t have the facial expression of a slut.