After last Season’s “The Fall Line” – it’s totes inevitable that a new season brings a replacement fashion of men. Here’s what we are welcoming this Season:

  • Men with Power; ever Rihanna’s Talk that Talk album, we’re loving our men with a little bit of Cockiness.
  • Men from ‘outta town’: There’s a reason you haven’t met him… He isn’t within 3km and he doesn’t use Grindr.
  • Threesomes, Foursomes, Moresomes: It’s f*cking freezing outside, and I’m no Biologist but I do believe more bodies = more heat.
  • Men with Status: Not condoning men being used as trophies, although nothing says ‘my man’s hotter than yours’ like bagging yourself a D-List Celebrity.
  • Putting the ‘Date’ back into ‘Dating’: One Night Stands are a vintage classic and while they have their moments, it’s so much more fashionable to build up butterflies than to build up a collection of terrible (albeit funny) sexual experiences.
  • Taking Risks: I do this 24/7 with what I wear anyway, but it seems taking chances applies to more than one area of life. Hence why a) This month I’ll be featuring in a new TV dating experiment and b) NEVER pick the easy option of a man, the down’s will always outweigh the comfortability.
    “Your girl is lovely Hubble” – Quoted from some chick-flick, but what Carrie basically explains is that Big picks the easy girl because she doesn’t require taming. Don’t be the easy girl. And don’t pick her either. It’s boring.

A few things that are going OUT this Season include;

  • Shyness and Inhibitions: Not saying you should bare your soul (or your hole) to every guy you meet. But not making movements towards that guy you’ve been on, is SO Spring/Summer 2011.
  • Psycho’s: Men with an obsessive edge can always be a little flattering, but the second you’re in the shower and you hear that screeching… You gotta run girl!
  • Unrequited Feelings: As we say ‘Bye’ to Fall, we also say ‘Bye’ to falling in love (to those that aren’t interested that is). Winter is definitely not about pining over someone you can’t have while watching Desperate Housewives and eating Ben & Jerry’s straight from the tub (something I’ve never done). Seasonal Depression is for widows and the obese, the parties don’t wither up just cos the trees have.