For those of you that have made it to the finale of A Man In Full, some viewers might have been shocked to see Tom Pelphrey standing naked with a full erection.

Palphrey did confirm that he was using a prosthetic for the role, but states that finale scene was “the most ridiculous explosion of that toxic male energy,” concocted by Dave Kelly.

[Mild Spoilers]: In the final scene, Charlie catches Raymond having sex with his wife, and chokes him in a fit of rage.

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There were numerous discussions about how the fully nude scene in the finale would play out, but mostly it was all in Kelley’s text, Pelphrey says.

“The conversation was, what is the maximal comedic penis payoff? We didn’t change a word of what David wrote, and I let that always let that inform any decision I make. So, based on the text, we thought it was kind of funny that this little buggy Raymond Peepgrass might have a fucking big dick,” he says with a laugh. “Also, I thought that that choice just lent itself to being the most ridiculous and absurd version of how that could go — the most cheap male, toxic humor shit. If we’re gonna do it, let’s fully do that. Regina got it.”


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The idea of not using a prosthetic was never an option, given that it was very “pronounced” in the script that Raymond’ erection remain until the ambulance arrived, again for maximum comedian effect. “It was more the conversation about exactly what what do we want this prosthetic to be,” says Pelphrey.

“There was lot of work, a lot of meetings, a lot of talking, a lot of fittings, went into that prosthetic.”

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