Every once in a while a new movie crosses our path that makes us seriously question every movie that came before it. Why don’t all films feature fully naked “Polyamorous Party Animals?” Something that will keep us up at night, for sure. The raunchy sex comedy Sex-Positive assembles a huge cast of sexy men who all convene at an insane polyamorous sex party. All of these studs bring something unique to the table. In all, eight different actors go frontal in Sex-Positive! Size queens will find something in Brandon Pitts.

While ginger hunters are going to eat up Brady Box. He’s not just a snack. He’s the whole Box lunch.

Ty Autry is a cute indie actor with an au naturel bush.

And Anthony Del Negro goes bottomless to flaunt his double-wide manhood.

Plus a host of other hotties dare to show off their bodies. Of course we’re Sex-Positive. We’re positive that we like sex!

See the full (uncensored) scenes HERE