At this point we’re all familiar with the reports that homosexuality was fairly common practice in Ancient Greece, throw in that viral article about swallowing being a sign of bravery in the Roman Army, and these recent quotes from actor Nicholas Galitzine, and the internet’s minds are in overdrive.

Galitzine is currently enjoying the press for his most recent project Mary & George, alongside Julianne Moore, an “audacious drama’ that has been highlighted for its risqué sex scenes.

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Speaking to Attitude, Galitzine said: “I’d love to do something in Ancient Greece being a Greek myself,” he said much to the bemusement of co-star, Julianne, beside him. “OK,” she said. “I got it. What time is it on? I’ll watch it.” After laughing with Julianne Nicholas added: “That’s my vague answer.”

Can we picture – and would we welcome – Galitzine in the role of a homosexual Greek soldier eager to prove his braveness through the art of felatio?

Well, yes!

Nicholas also played gay in Red, White & Royal Blue alongside Zak Perez Taylor.

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