We’re currently being spoilt by cinema, aside from the noteworthy treats that are Saltburn and All of Us Strangers, and we might have to add May December to that list.

The film, which centres around a married couple who buckle under the pressure when a Hollywood actress meets them to do research for a film about their past.

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But there’s one scene that had gay fans hot under the collar, where actor Charles Melton seems to show off a hefty package. Sadly, for viewers hoping to have caught a glimpse of Melton in his full-glory, the Riverdale actor was wearing a prosthetic. An experience which he recalled to Variety:

“It was very professional,” Melton recalled. “The whole thing. Natalie, Todd, and I met to discuss the scene, walking through it and ensuring everybody was comfortable. There were a few conversations about the prosthetic, regarding what was realistic and what wasn’t.”

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He went on, “And I had to wear that prosthetic for nine hours that day. I didn’t have anything to drink that morning or the night before. That was an annoying process but still very respectful.”

Sadly, unlike anything that fellow-Riverdale-actor Tommy Martinez did when he appeared in frat pad gay porn, but at least we were all blessed with the ability to pretend…

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