Twitter is seemingly divided over these gay party cups that allow people to be identified by their sexual preference. Similar to ‘traffic light’ parties, where colours indicate if participants are single or taken, these rainbow coloured cups immediately tell party-goers if they’re a giver or a receiver… or both.

While some people have jumped into the conversation stating which cup they’d be drinking from, some others think the concept of the party isn’t exactly why Marsha P Johnson threw the first brick at Stonewall.

Those for the party highlighted how if you don’t like the concept, you can simply just not go.

“I think the replies to this post are a prime example of how bitchy we’ve all become. Don’t go to the party if the colored cups offend you. Just stay home, boring boob”.

Definitely stealing the phrase “boring boob”.

Others noted how the idea is throwback to the once used hanky codes, which detailed what closeted gay men were into sexually.