David C began his OnlyFans on Boxing Day last year after asking his Instagram followers whether he should start one or not (honestly, who would vote ‘no’?)

And while he’s enjoying the ride, he does explain that adult content creation isn’t without its faults.

“It’s actually a fair bit of work! I initially thought it would be easy to churn out some content and just take pictures, but I found out rather quickly that it takes a lot of marketing, idea brainstorming, talking to other guys, matching calendars, and being your own customer service representative.”

So you’d be wearing more hats than just top or bottom. He adds, “I think a lot of people also don’t realise that you don’t make a shit tonne of money immediately. It takes a lot of grafting”.

On top of that, there’s no sick pay. So David feels the need to ask his fans to be patient while he goes in for surgery on his shoulder this week. “But there will be plenty of one-handed solo content in a sling coming your way…” he laughs.

His hottest hook-up to date is with Rogan Richards.

“We literally fucked for hours and had cut it down to the film it is now. It’s a great scene, and was actually the first one I ever did. Rogan and I made good friends after that, and we still hang out to this day!”

While he enjoys hooking up with other creators, David says he’s actually more active when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“It’s really hard to link up with other actors and get the dates right in each of our calendars. Plus, loads of people are flaky and it’s really annoying. While filming on camera is hot, there’s something about an organic meeting that just is above the rest for me.”

His advice to young gay considering starting an OnlyFans?

“You have to really want to do it, and you shouldn’t do it if you’re going to half-ass it”.

“Understand that it’s not going to be your main source of income, at least for a while, and you get out exactly how much you put in, and be nice to everyone else in the industry.”

“Yes, it’s daunting to have your nudes and videos available online, but I’m sure we’ve all sent 10 times more ourselves to people on Grindr…”

Join his OnlyFans here, or watch an exclusive of David and hundreds of other creators with C&C members:

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