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We’re not crying, you’re crying!!

An video that demonstrates the endearing and unconditional love between a father and son has gone viral on TikTok.

The boy, who is filming himself painting his face, hears his father coming and turns off the lights out of embarrassment. When his dad turns the light on, and sees his son – false lashes and everything – he tries to recoil from his embrace.

But his dad pulls him closer, and asks, “Is this what you want to do, Papa?” calling the kid by his nickname.

“Because if this is what you want to do”, he continues, “you’ll be okay. I’ll be okay with you.”

“I love you, Papa. I love you. If that makes you happy, do it. Do it, but do it good. OK, Papa. I’m always with you. I won’t let you down in anything. Be happy.”

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In a world where LGBTQ teens – especially in developing places like Latin America – are often rejected by their parents, it’s so beautiful to see a father’s total acceptance of his queer son.

It touches a place in most queer people, because we all understand what it’s like trying to hide our true selves in the shadows of our bedroom. It goes without saying that if every parents reacted like this, then people wouldn’t need to publicly come out.