Words: Ben Midler

If you’re not familiar with Apple’s recent “hookup” app ban, best stop grinding/woofing for a hot sec and have a read of this. 

Android users, you’re good. SamsHung 69, you do you. 

We wish we were click-baiting you; sadly, the question above is a genuine one being asked by queer people using Grindr and Scruff on Apple devices right now, thanks to their recent slut-shaming mentality. Happy Pride month, after all!

In short, on Monday 8 June, Apple announced its new iOS 15 operating system and shared its new features/guidelines for its products – yes, guidelines. Bosses elaborated on several new requirements for apps, one of which was the banning of “hookup” apps that include any kind of pornography or are used to facilitate prostitution. 

Officially, the new policy reads as follows; “1.1.4 Overtly sexual or pornographic material, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as ‘explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.’ This includes “hookup” apps that may include pornography or be used to facilitate prostitution.”

Naturally, horny huns (all of us) saw this as the next Craigslist/Tumblr armageddon and although it’s not actually that bad, it’s still a blow to the community – oh, sorry… is the word “blow” considered too overtly sexual? Our bad. 

In response to a mini-queer uprising (we’re assuming), Apple has since released more information through Appleinsider, confirming that despite the new “hookup” and porno app ban, Grindr and Scruff would still remain “intact and active” (ironically, the kind of guy we’re looking for).

They stressed that the new policy wasn’t meant to come across as an attack on legitimate dating platforms. Which Grindr is 100%. The policy is apparently in place to stop digital dens of iniquity from operating under the guise of dating apps for the purposes of prostitution and human trafficking. 


So in short, no, Apple isn’t completely rotten to the core – just going stale.