Words: Ben Pulsford

The internet has dubbed fresh Drag Race Down Under pit crew totty Max Currie (he/him/his) the show’s “#PitCrewDaddy” and, yeah, relocating permanently to Auckland just to be closer to him seems like the only rational option at this point.

He’s got that kind of hot PE teacher thing going for him – you know the type we used to desperately try to impress with our Olympic-level skipping?

We don’t know a huge amount of the kiwi hunk at this point in the race, but here’s what we know for sure: he’s gay (*buys plane ticket*), he works the bald/full-beard look better than our PE teachers ever did, he plays for gay and inclusive rugby team the New Zealand Falcons, he’s a film and television writer/director and the internet is calling him the #PitCrewDaddy.

Such vers talent.

Yep, that’s Max in a kilt on the far left.
Max on his knees ready for a scrum.

Oh, and he clearly loves Drag Race and his Australasian queens; he spent the premiere episode on the verge of wetting his teeny smugglers. It’s nice to see a Pit Crew lad not stood there frozen in fear, wondering when the fever dream is going to end. 

Just look how he handles that weighty boom.

You can follow Max on Instagram and Twitter for some four-star daddy content, should you wish (we’d say five-star, but that would’ve ruined the New Zealand pun). 

Oh, and our thoughts on the rest of the series so far? Just give Max the crown and our Instagram handle.