We all know of one couple – whether it be directly or indirectly – that entered the pandemic in relationship and isn’t leaving it the same way.

A recent survey from Bumble predicted that 23% of those in relationships didn’t find their happy ending due to the coronavirus. (Better to find out sooner than later, we say!)

This means that the dating market both at present and even more so in summer will be saturated with ‘new dawn daters’. These have also been referred to as the ‘covidumped’. (Ouch). Here are five other types of daters you’ll recognise why fighting the real pandemic: finding love.

The Pandamner

Someone who will chat and flirt endlessly online due to lockdown boredom but have zero intentions of actually meeting up; in fact, most of these guys won’t even go for a virtual chat, let alone a walk.

And while we agree that virtual dates are awkward, we do believe that phone chats are vital before getting stuck on a 2-hour stroll with someone that has no chat other than the latest covid stats. Zzzz….

The Bug Brainers

Talking of those who can’t keep the pandemic out of their mouth… the bug brainers! Like most of us, they’ve been out of the dating game for a while, but the difference is that they can’t seem to switch off from it in a ‘romantic’ setting. And we think we can all agree there’s nothing sexy about death tolls and travel corridors.

This term also applies to those who have lost their verbal game due to lack of practice.

The Tracer

People who are suddenly looking for “the one” because they can’t bare another lockdown alone. Sorry, but, sad. If they can’t bare their own personality for a few months then we wonder if anybody else can. And although it’s understandable that being isolated has ignited loneliness (something the masses can identify with), fear of another pandemic isn’t the basis for a healthy relationship. (Cut to them getting ‘covidumped’ next time around).

The vaccindater

Someone who won’t date unless both parties have had the vaccine. You’ll most definitely see “vaccinated” followed by their injection date on their profile and they’ll proceed to ask you where you stand on vaccines too. We’d say they’re the opposite of a conspiracy theorist.

The masked bandit

When a looks hot… until his mask comes this. This actually happened with my dentist, I was dead sure for about four months that he was drop-dead gorgeous just based off his eyes. Then when the mask came down, he didn’t look quite how I thought. Still attractive, but odd teeth for a dentist.