We’ve crunched the numbers and the results are clear. These men are naked! We’re celebrating the sexy side of Hollywood by rounding up the ten A-list hunks with the most nude scenes. Check out the hot and heavy videos on this list.

Disclaimer: it might be TOO much celebrity peen and ass for some of you to handle.

#10 Sylvester Stallone with 13 scenes. He reveals butt. Cock, and literally everything in between during some insane sex scenes.

#9 Tom Hardy coming in at 13 scenes as well. Tom stands out for delivering the most full-frontal shots.

#8 Alexander Skarsgård also with 13 scenes. Come check out the 6’4 Swede’s ass and penis in True Blood.

Alexander Skarsgard Full Frontal | Alexander skarsgard, Full frontals,  Alexander

#7 Mark Ruffalo with 13 scenes. America’s dad loves showing off his insanely sexy hairy bod on screen.

#6 Jake Gyllenhaal with 13 (must be the magic number!). What else is there left to say about this incredibly handsome hunk who bares it all in Jarhead.

#5 Kevin Bacon with 15 scenes. With FOUR decades of nudity we will always have an appetite for Bacon!

Kevin Bacon nude after a shower in 'Wild Things' at Movie'n'co

#4 Javier Bardem has 17 nude scenes and every single one of them is worth your while!

#3 Antonio Banderas also with 17 nude scenes. He just happens to reveal his huge uncut penis in False Eyelash when he was only twenty-two.

#2 Marlon Wayans with 20 scenes. We love his muscular butt which we’ve peeped several times in his naked career.

#1 Ewan McGregor with an AMAZING 25 naked scenes! Ewan is the nudest male celeb on the planet. He was Hollywood’s notable schlong before Michael Fassbender.