We all have that one friend who is crazy picky, but it’s also all of us to a certain extent.

Dating apps encourage us to be picky by limiting the information we know about someone or is presented to us, upon the first meeting. So we learn to decipher what is acceptable and what’s a dealbreaker. And a v-neck is definitely the latter…

But it all comes down to personal choice, so if you’re offended by the video, please change the way you dress 😉

I also wish dating apps would make a real effort to help make real connections; Grindr wants to know you’re fucking weight and Tinder is literally about binning people based on instant attraction.

Shout out to my gold patrons/members – who are credited at the end! More sketches and wigs coming soon! (Also please don’t check my isolation hair, I’ve been 5 weeks without a cut!)

Being a picky dater isn’t always a bad thing though; here’s why it can be vital to protecting your time and energy.