International house party Daddy Issues are turning three!

What started in a small basement in Dalston has already had residencies around the world, (guessing more than just a handful of us have daddy issues then), but after stops in LA, NYC, Madrid and Berlin, they will be celebrating their third birthday back home in London.

In light of the celebrations, we asked organiser and DJ Borja Peña to round-up a dozen of their sexiest party boys from their London parties So if you’ve never been to a Daddy Issues party, then here’s a little glimpse of what you’re missing:

See hotties from all parties on their Instagram.

His 12th hottie is their international guest DJ Andy Butler, of Hercules and the Love Affair. Who’ll be backed by an explosion of their hottest talent, including residents Borja Pena, Dom Top, and Tamer Wilde, and overseas talent Father Figure. Although if ‘father figure’ had been around earlier, we wouldn’t have daddy issues.

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Guests are welcomed to come as they are; harnesses, crop tops, speedos, and jocks!

Ollywood’s self-proclaimed body positive and sex-positive party hosts all types, and delivers house, disco and techno and dance in the main room, with pop and R&B in the side room.

Daddy Issues 3rd Birthday will take place at Hangar, London Fields. Which means more space to dance, sweat, and meet your next mistake.