Over the weekend Netflix dropped their new Renee Zellweger-led thriller series, What/If. But even Zellweger couldn’t steal focus from Blake Jenner who within the quarter of the pilot was naked: what a great addition to the plot – I’m hooked!

In the series, Jenner plays Sean, who seems like a pretty perfect boyfriend to Lisa, and is given an indecent proposal from Anne (Zellweger) who offers the money-strapped couple the investment for their company, in exchange for one night with Jenner. With one condition: Sean can’t speak about what happens that night with anyone.


He also does an underwear rendition of Backstreet Boys…

And he wasn’t the only one getting into character and out of costume. Anne is that rich bitch who can have whatever man she wants, including this one:

Last year, Blake caused a bit of stir in his last nude role, when viewers eager to know whether he used a prosthetic prop for his last naked role [NSFW].