As Power storms through its 5th season, all you’ll hear the show’s viewers saying are: “Do you watch Power?! OMG It’s sooo good!”

And now we know why. The 50 Cent drama which revolves around the rap and hip-hop music industry may have more cliffhangers than a size 12 drag queen, but it also offers up some hella steamy romps too.

Well, we know Fiddy is partial to a finger up the bum, so perhaps that has inspired these angles. (Although to be fair, 50 just producers, not directs…). But either way, the crew on-set must feel like they live in a delicatessen, surrounded by all this quality mouth-watering chocolate. Specifically Omari Hardwick.

He’s definitely putting the ‘hard’ into Hardwick with his huge firm boulder of a butt. JUMP in: