It has long been considered disrespectful for a celebrity to be rude to their fans, because their fans are responsible for where that celebrity is today. Right? Well others have spoken out to say they would be there regardless, because they work hard.

Bob The Drag Queen has recently spoken out Twitter against claims he was “rude” while touring around the UK.

Some fans were clearly upset by Bob’s comments:

But despite this, Bob wasn’t backing down, saying that he would rather be true to himself – and his fans – and not fake emotion, and subsequently would rather have more real fans, than plentiful fake ones.


And it didn’t take long for other queens to chime in too:

So should a celebrity be nice even when they don’t feel like being “on”?

Some have suggested that unless fans have paid money for a meet and greet, that the celebrity has no obligation to fein excitement, and that despite their chosen career, are too entitled to their privacy like all humans.

And yes, that is true. And ultimately it is their own decision to behave however they want, but it also a direct reflection of how important their fans are to them, and how humble or entitled they are. Some fans will continue to support an artist, even if they’re a bit of a cunt, calling fans “butt hurt” for even bringing this up.

Others, will lose respect for who that artist is as a person and decide against it, as many have branded it “disheartening”.

And some sat on the fence:

To me, I would always go out of my way to be nice to someone. You can sit back, and say that you’re “grateful”, but if you’re online gunning for fans that want photos, then clearly, you are not.

That person’s approach to you may not be convenient, but it also isn’t intentionally inconvenient; they’re just excited and love what you do; isn’t seeing them that way, part of why you do what you do in the first place?

Granted if fans approach a celebrity without respect and waving a camera in their face, then celebrities have the right to be peeved. But I’m sure most fans would rather not ruin your day – and yes, they do have the choice not to approach queens – which some would argue means they are putting their own needs before the performers, so why shouldn’t the performer do the same back? But you’re in a higher position of power than the fans – just be humble.


I bet Bob wouldn’t have the same attitude if it were Britney Spears that were fangirling him. But, I guess that’s OK, because Britney isn’t a “regular” person, and Bob knows who she is?

Not saying you’ve got to be at 100% all of the time. But at least try; it’s just rude, and is only going to leave someone disheartened.

Drag Queens don’t have to be nice to anyone – on the street or at a meet and greet. How they feel about the situation, and respond to it, is totally their own decision. But whether or not you care about upsetting those who have supported you, shows who you are as a person; famous or not.

But one queen, highlighted that Bob does a lot more than other queens:

I was scheduled to do an interview with one queen. I’d spent hours researching, preparing interesting questions, ru-watching old episodes, and when the time of the interview came, we waited for an hour, and nothing.

Now, to her, it might not have been a big deal. Perhaps she was Detoxing, or something. But I never received so much as an apology, a follow-up or an offer to do the interview over email. Again, she’s probably busy…

But hey, you’re entitled, so fuck my time, right?

Personally we think Michelle Visage sums it up best in this video:

Have your sound off below: