There’s a good chance that you can’t stand the Kardashians (many can’t these days), but you can’t knock Khloe Kardashian for her recent do-gooding, who on her latest episode of Revenge Body, helps one participant with more than just his physique.

Mayank is gay and hasn’t yet come out to his parents, and so has been using comfort food to cope with his issues.

“My dad doesn’t think I can ever accomplish anything, so I want to take this journey and prove him wrong,” he said.

Cut to Mayank rand-de-jambing out the closet.

“This whole experience had made me really understand who I am,” Mayank shared with his parents. “That person is a gay man who’s in love with his boyfriend.”

To which Mayank’s father replied, “You’re my child and your happiness is my happiness… so I accept you. I accept you for what you are, and I want to see you happy.”


And he isn’t the only closeted queen mincing onto Miss Kardashian’s set in search of a good body (gay men seek out six packs – THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION).

Joel’s parents are also unaware that he’s gay, which he confessed when KK pries, “what are you hurting over?”

Oh YES, mama wants tears on her show – how very Tyra Banks of her. Although when she gets them (or well, one tear), she switches on a queen for fake-crying!

“I just want this whole thing to be real,” she insists. Well that shit went out the damn window when you oiled your ass through the door frame. I MEAN, THIS BITCH.

Miss Thing needs to dial down the ‘tude, but hey, go Khloe!