If you have told us 15 years ago that there’d be a resurgence of webcam ‘models’, flashing their body parts and performing sex acts online, we’d have scoffed in your face. Remember when it would be, like, totally scandalous if you saw someone you knew getting jiggy on webcam?

Yet here we are, with half the gay community using ‘Only Fans’ sites to promote themselves as “public figures” (girl, the only thing that’s public right now, is your genitals), and make some dollar along the way.

Although, the hitch in their road to fame and fortune is paved with bumps (and we don’t mean the kind you do off a door key at the after party). Members of the ‘Only Fans’ sites, aren’t keeping the content restricted to only fans.

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So while many of them may feel comfortable baring themselves to a certain/select number of people, they’re getting a lot more eyes on their goodies than perhaps they anticipate.

Although, it wouldn’t really be fair for us to report on this, without including (NSFW) links to demonstrate our point. Comic artist and model Steve Raider, who already has over 260k followers on Instagram can be seen in all his furry glory, as can British model Ross Rossilino, and of course, Matthew Camp.

As one technology produces another avenue to earn the cheddar, along cometh a way to swerve the system. ‘Only Fans’? Afraid not. The internet has voided all elements of restrictive privacy.

Disturbing? Yes. Beneficial for our wank bank? Also yes.