Even after production, Stranger Things knows how to stay in the headlines, from Dacre Montgomery getting spray-tanned shirtless by the world’s luckiest stylist, to Joe Keery’s intriguing bulge. Now David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper, is getting in on the attention.

For those you not familiar with the term ‘belfie’; it’s simply a butt selfie. As introduced by queen of the world: Kim K.

Detective Hopper flaunted his cakes in his tight uniform, with the thirst proceeding to boil over, fans were ready to gobble him up like a demogorgon:

“T h i c c” commented one.

With countless “Dat ass” and “he got botty tho”. And he does! You can take us ‘downtown’ any time chief, don’t forget your handcuffs.

While another joked: “haters will say it’s photoshopped”.