Chris Weaver – also known to the NY queens as Nedra Belle – took to U.S’ ‘The Voice’ last night, to show off his vocal talents singing ‘Try A Little Tenderness’. And how’d he do? Well, needless to say, Weaver KILLED those high notes. Seriously, stampeded that shit like this was Jumanji.

So it’s no surprise that all four judges turned their chairs around; three even getting to their feet! Adam was the first to flip, Miley was winding like the black she wishes she was, and Jenni Hud was just looking all dumb-founded like that voice came straight from the holy spirit.

Levine said: “You are the first person that has ever auditioned that is giving us an opportunity not the other way around. You are a phenomenal singer, but you are even more special than that to me.”

YAAAS. For those of you that don’t know Chris – he’s not only talented, he’s also funny af.