In the wake of all of the worldwide and political tragedies we’ve come to experience lately, it’s only natural that we’re scared. Many people not even living their day-to-day life in fear of another attack. But one voice wants us to stand strong in the face of danger, and is in fact throwing a new weekly party to pick people up.

Ashley Hughes chatted to C&C exclusively about why we need more nights out.

When we asked Ashley why he decided to start the new club night, he responded, “Considering the times we are living in, when fear, hate and terror are dragging our community down, it can be tempting to get angry or depressed, but now, more than ever what we need is a party.”

“A place that unites everybody, lifts their spirit and while it may not seem like the right time to throw a party – hiding from hate is exactly what they want.”

Ashley went on to explain, that despite the increasing number of terror attacks and homophobic/trans violence since Donald Trump entered the White House, that the timing was never better as the “stars aligned” and presented him with the opportunity:

“A close friend who recently took over Freedom as GM wanted me to bring a fresh and fun brand into the mix.”

Hughes goes on to stress that his night is for everybody. “Boys, girls, fems, trans, mascs, fats, muscles and queens! Everyone is invited! There’s no need for exclusion, or to create a space where certain clichés feel they don’t fit in.”

When fronted with the notion of Soho venues premature closing and the possibility of pressure to compete with other brands and events, Hughes states, “This is London. There is plenty of room for everyone, so there’s certainly no need for animosity or unwarranted competition with other brands. We have enough enemies in this world, we don’t need anymore within the LGBT community. Especially as we lose our venues at such a worrying rate.”

“I wanted a place that was about fun and happy energy. House music generally dominates the bars in the area, at PHAT you’ll hear disco, pop and R’n’B – throw in some free shots, interactive hosts and free cover charge and we think we can help people cut loose.”

We LOVE Ashley’s sentiments and couldn’t agree more! We’ll be down for a dance – and the free shots (OBVS).

PHAT Club starts this Thursday (22nd June) at Freedom Bar, Soho. 10pm – 3am. Free entry.