OK, can we talk? As funny as it is to joke about the ‘masc 4 masc’ culture, it seems that some gay men have a real issue with other gay men that exude effeminate traits. This week, we shared a video of the Sinon Loresca, the muscle queen that sashays around whatever environment he’s in (shopping malls, streets, gyms) in a pair of stilettos, giving Miss Universe-style waves.


For the most part, people are supportive and in fact encourage his bold Miss Congeniality videos, but the comments are also filled with hate from other fellow gay men. One commenter writes, “A man putting on women’s clothes and prancing down is not what gay is about”, while another closed-minded fucktard puts, “Just awful. This gives us gays such a bad experience. This is why we still get attacked.”

No, bitch. The reason we still get attacked is because people like you are unaccepting of those who are different. What, you think a homophobe wouldn’t attack you because you were dressed like a man? Girl, you still like dick like the rest of us, they gonna box no matter what.

While another felt the need to inform people that we’re all different: “just to let everyone know, …not all gay men act this way!!!!” No shit, bitch. That’s the beauty of having a colourful community.

What I struggle to understand is why people are so offended by him? He hasn’t done anything wrong, and he isn’t hurting anybody, so why y’all bringing somebody down when it affects your life in zero respect? He’s not going to be to everyone’s tastes or likings, but he’s living. LET THE MAN, LIVE! It just proves that homophobia is still rife, even amongst our ‘own’, although I who I’d rather have as part of our community. If you have a problem watching a man dress like this and be camp, then it’s you with the issue, not him.

Sure, we’re not all as effeminate as him – but if you’re worried that people are gonna tarnish all gays with the same brush, then you need a new circle. Other comments included, “disgusting” and “I hate this guy”. Well, you know what, bitch, you’re illiterate, got 225 friends, and you’re from Texas, so we know why. The only people around here giving gays a bad name, are you. You’d think that being part of the minority they would learn to accept all colours of the rainbow that we’re part of.

They’re the same type of people that have an issue with the Clapham Tranny. Too many people trying to peddle out dress codes for things that make them uncomfortable. We personally love the videos – even if they are a little repetitive – gwan catch your life Sinon!