They say that age is nothing but a number, and that seems to be true for this former-reverend has tied the knot with his gay lover, 54-years his junior. The pair exchanged vows at a Registry Office on Tuesday. While rev Philip Clements stared adoringly into his partner’s eyes, Florin Marin lovingly stroked his wallet. OK, shoot us – but y’all were thinking it? Wonder if Florin was a choir boy at Clement’s church.

Philip gushed about the ceremony, “Is it real? Has it happened? Is it a dream? It’s a special day,” while his now-husband enthusiastically referred to it as a “normal day”. Clearly vexed that the Kim & Kanye-style eleganza she’d expected was actually a registry office. Fuming! But while the internet debates whether they found love or an ‘arrangement’, we believe that it’s impossible to judge without seeing the rock. Still though, that’d have to be some J.Lo diamond to get fingered by arthritis.

Surely if the Rev was rinsing the vatican like some of the other dodgy religious figures, they’d be having the do a little more upscale than mincing down the isle at a carpeted registry office in Kent, though.

But also, no offence, but is he modelling for? No tea, no shade! But we’re not buying what he’s selling. Although, clearly Clements is. Maybe it’s different in Canterbury, but usually you have to have an agency to be called a model. And surely seeing that suit, the agency would have you off the books quicker than you can say ‘shimmering shit-show’.

Florin went on, “It doesn’t change absolutely nothing (sic). Our life will be the same as it was yesterday but it’s been a nice day.” Still though, Trilby hats off to Clements, get it girl.

Since then, the two have called for the Church of England to change their policies on same-sex marriage – so we can’t knock them for that! The House of Bishops claimed allow members of the clergy to marry memebrs of the same-sex but must remain celibate.

“I think the Church of England should be more consistent.” Clements added.

“If it expects people, clergy, to live with a same gender partner without intimacy, i.e. be celibate, I think there’s something a little bit unsatisfactory about that and it puts a strain on both partners.”

[h/t: Gaily Grind]