The claws are out on Channel 4 series The Jump, where Made In Chelsea reality star Spencer Matthew has openly ripped Louis Smith for the video that emerged late last year of the Olympian polishing something other than his medals. (We’d love to show them to you again but we removed them at the request of his PR, soz).

“No disrespect to Louis but I would never do that in front of a camera. It’s funny, let’s be honest.” Matthew mocks.

But, wait? He did have his own nudes leaked:

Perhaps he was referring to the fact that Louis willingly cracked one out on camera, while Spencer’s was “taken without him knowing” according to his rep at the time in 2013. Still, if that’s not the penis calling the cock black then we don’t know what is.

Spencer then went on to joke about Smith being a shower, not a grower: “Louis wears a Mars Bar in his trousers, so it looks like he’s got a whopping lunchbox. He eats it as soon as he’s jumped. I don’t know why he does it but I’m considering putting a tree down mine, to show him up.”

When prompted further if he was compensating for something, Spencer replied “I’ve no idea, you should watch YouPorn or whatever he’s on.”

The Jump also stars Jake Quickenden – who again had his nudes leaked last year (HERE) – is yet to receive a poking *ahem* from Spencer. Hmm… Personal beef? Or is just sex tapes under fire not dick pics?