After recent warning that a gang in South London were using Grindr to rob people, comes a tale of armed kidnapping and robbery. Although, we’re not sure if it should still be called ‘kid’napping, when it’s the toddlers that were holding the gun. Three youths lured in a horny Grindr gremlin in West Palm Beach, but he didn’t get the kind of group fun one hopes for. In fact, they piled into his car, gun-pointed and demanding his money.

That’s not the kind of weapon he was wishing they’d pull out, I’m sure. They then made him drive to an ATM, where the victim escaped into a local business. Can you imagine, Tatiana taking orders at some Cuban hole in the wall and a this queen bursts in H&H, screaming about a Grindr robbery. Scarlet.

He called the police, and the boys are being charged with armed kidnapping and armed robbery, while being held in a Juvenile Assessment Centre. Wait, hold on a minute, these boys were born in 1999? As if people that weren’t even alive when the Spice Girls broke up are now committing serious crimes. My, how they grow…

We said it before, so we’ll repeat it again — be very careful who you are meeting online. Meet in public places if possible, sure you can’t exactly be like “Come into the Starbucks on 34th and 8th, no need to knock, I’ll be on all fours waiting…”

But to prevent incidents like this, guys need to be on alert. Peace out. Safe shagging.

[H/T: Queerty]